because I'm recently all over the place with ideas of what to rant about and can't decide- I kinda went off on this weird haiku bender. weird and very unlike me. I mean I do write poetry...sometimes- but something short- sweet or sour isn't really much of my thing. rest assured I AM busy thinking... Continue Reading →


The last three- and only-times I stabbed myself- they all centered around the exact same circumstances. Yep- I stabbed myself not one...not two...but three times. Like stabbed stabbed. With depth and blood and the same nauseating cold sweat trickling from the base of my skull down to the first couple of vertebrae. And each time... Continue Reading →

The future is clear

By today's standards- my upbringing was relatively common or at least not uncommon.... One parent 'supervision' household type thing. Shifting from one place to the other...weekdays with parent A weekends with parent B...y'know- the great hand-off project. Making it work-somehow. Doesn't sound so unusual right? But when I was a kid...it was. Most of my... Continue Reading →

new news

For no particular reason a switch flipped in my brain causing me to have a different outlook these last few weeks. So I won't be THAT girl. For now. Yes- I'll still write my nonsensical or cryptic haikus occasionally and Yes I'll still rant when there is a need but at the moment I'm keeping... Continue Reading →


weeds wet and stubborn the foot flips them into grinds beveled bricks lie close aggravatingly yours semi xo

living it up

once upon a time i was a child. and like some other children - had an excessively overactive imagination. not that i think it was a bad thing. when your real-life aint golden a pretend one can be a very inviting alternative. often i'd envision myself in a different place- a different world...wouldn't that be... Continue Reading →

a very ranty rant

winter- ugh GO AWAY!!!! but...it's only just begun and I hear that for us American East Coast (aka the right coast) people we are in for it this year. okay so....yes it's very pretty when it falls and rests on the ground serenely unbroken. particularly an evening snowfall...like right on the fringe of dusk and... Continue Reading →

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