greetings from desolation ny……

‘ I’d kill for a gallon of gas right now’

uh huh

and that’s the short story.

sandy came and took away…everything. homes torn apart. lives stolen. some of us were the lucky ones. we are living without electricity. we are taking ice cold showers. we are hosting neighborhood driveway barbecues. cooking all the meats from our freezers just on the verge ‘before-they-completely-spoil’- while a few houses away utility poles snapped in half… partially on sidewalks their remaining portions lay on lawns like a fellini flick graveyard scene. wires of various girth and design broken and sparking from their fibrous extensions. holes in our roofs. slabs of concrete ripped up from massive uprooted trees. limited operating gas stations where at any given moment someone will do something highly irritating- like cut the line or hand several gas cans to someone who’s already in line – to have them filled. ‘c’mon dontcha see there’s a whole mess of people standing on the fill can only line’… on foot buddy- yep they’re standing in the cold on foot…you’re absurd and CHEATING the others who have been patiently waiting…well mostly patient anyway. it’s not all bad really….my faith in humanity  is somewhat restored- in that there seems to be- generally speaking- a whole lotta nicety going on..(aside from the gas station jerks of course) total strangers offering help to total strangers…of assorted variety.  fancy that? hmmmm but NOW….we’ve got a nor’easter a-comin….aaaaaaand it’s snowing.

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