pioneer women

Maybe it’s because we are a soap box nation or maybe it’s because I’m one of those bleeding heart liberal people that likes to piss other people off with their ‘annoying opinions’ or maybe it’s because I’ve had it up to here or maybe it’s because this may make a teeny tiny difference or maybe it’s because of all of the above but I just gotta say this …. Enough.

I mean …. isn’t it ?

Why do innocent people in the ‘free world’ still have to be emotionally assaulted because of who they are ?

I mean what’s the problem ?

‘I just came in here to use the bathroom.’

I guess you get where I’m going with this -certainly I’m not the only one to cover the topic-still…. in my ‘annoying opinion’ it can’t be talked about too much. I’m a random hetero who happens to know some absolutely wonderful members of the lgbtq+ community and guess what?  I love them just as much as I love any ‘normal’ person- there you bible bumpers -are you happy now ? I separated them from the rest of us.

I know this one particular young woman who is way wiser than her short 14 years who recently spoke out on a social network site about her concerns and frustrations simply because she prefers to not dress in dainty frocks- but- rather chooses to don a pair of sturdy jeans -a pullover and likes her tresses buzzed shorter than short. Not that this look is anything new really-except she happens to socialize in circles where this is not only not the norm but in fact the complete opposite. It kinda makes her makes special – special because at 14 she’s brave enough to adopt this look in spite of being not quite approved of-not yet anyway. At the same time she’s less special because of course keeping in a typical teenager mode she occasionally (allthetime) worries about acceptance. She surely must feel not completely secure ( …at 14 who’s not insecure? Raise your hands ) and indeed must feel anxious that she’s considered weird on account of how she looks- but -she does it anyway – bravely/proudly – she’s a pioneer woman.

So wanna know what troubles this young girl quite a lot? She’s distressed about having to use a public restroom- she’s uneasy with the assumptions the other ‘ladies’  in the ladies room have because of her attire. She’s 14 people …. Four ‘effn’ teen!!!! Isn’t it sad that a child so young needs to worry -wondering if she can hold in it til she gets home to avoid being accosted by Ms Ignorance 2016? Isn’t it sad that she has to stress she’s thought of as some kind of pervert looking to prey on a female toddler or a dirty filthy pariah?  She’s been scolded severely and verbally attacked by complete strangers. Isn’t it sad how people with their own yard in need of tidying can judge this mighty pioneer so casually purely based on her hair…. her clothes. They know not one freaking thing about her other than what they see -they have no clue that she’s a remarkable – brilliant – talented girl with a tremendous heart and a smile that could melt Iceberg B-15. Apparently they don’t know or care that she’s a real live breathing feeling human being. (doesn’t this stupidly hateful behavior sound all too familiar ? #historyrepeats )  Yea sure that’s right uh huh- she deserves to struggle to defend herself ( I mean look at her willya?) like all great warriors who’ve come before her – forging through the hostile muck to do something as simple as peeing without fear. It’s time for a a change once again. Time to love – or at the very least be humanely tolerant…compassionate…something.  Sadly in these treacherous times kindness is asking too much. My heart breaks for those who stand for something harmlessly different- the misunderstood- perhaps at some point these words will matter to this gem of a girl with the sunshiney face…. but til then trudge on darling fierce angel- trudge on -march to the beat of the thunderous applause that accompanies you – you’re not alone – you’re in the best of pioneer company.

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