Drink responsibly

For every action there’s a reaction. A familiar concept- yes?  Some of us are mindful of it- others tend to plunge full steam ahead regardless of the potential for consequence. I’ve noticed more and more frequently the most ‘entertaining’ source for acting out is on a social media playground…er…. platform. I mean holy crap those things have become infested with all kinds of crazy ass people taking the opportunity to stir the shit pot just for the sake of it.

It goes something like this:

‘hmmmmmm lemme think- okay I’ll say something super ignorant with absolutely nothing factual to back it up-  then people will be commenting and start attacking one another and tearing each other apart -it will be utter chaos- cool. let me just get me some popcorn sit back and watch the show. but one thing….don’t you dare attack me !!!’

What the hell man?

I know all about freedoms- freedom of speech- freedom of expression… let your freedom flag fly…fly it high and proud til the battleground’s bloody and everyone’s dead -yeah? I mean after all you got your rights you know…..

Listen- I’m not saying that anyone should feel restrained or that eggshells are the new doc martens but you don’t gotta be an insolent dick about it do you?

Wait don’t answer that….

…because from the looks of it somehow it’s okay to spew all sorts of reckless shit on the internet.  Let’s face it – that parallel universe is the ultimate untouchable safety zone where you can be entirely anonymous simply by making yourself into this fictitious character that exempts you from answerability -but even if you are willing  or brave enough to reveal a true identity you’re saved by the immunity of a virtual world. Then you can adopt a care free attitude..like so what if you say all gays/blacks/jews/cops etc are bad?  anyway you can always retract it with well not all of them are …it’s harmless right? ummmmm… no it’s not- not always. sometimes bad stuff oozes out of this ‘say anything’ arena – once in a while it’s not so innocuous – once in a while someone will take another person’s opinion and turn it into a reason to do a kinda bad thing…y’dig?  once in a while under the guise of an innocent  ‘Im just sayin… ‘ someone will get hurt… like in a real world kind of way. we’ve seen this happen-horrendous irreparable life altering acts that we read about and gasp – shake our heads and think ‘oooh that’s terrible’-  we blame it on not enough attention paid to mental health issues and too loose gun control laws and that is not entirely untrue….

does it mean that you need be on red alert when you want to let the world know how you feel about something?


…but if you’re going to preach it don’t be naive enough to think there is no way there could be a single irrational and dangerous interpretation of your assessment…absolutely no repercussions …. out there in alternateuniverseland you acted and there is going to be a REaction- there is- accept it…so have strong opinions …be passionate about causes…. but know your audience and please be a little less all- about- me sort of thoughtless- just some food for thought…y’know?…..

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