Under Construction

well life is getting back to normal….a little. whatever normal is. I keep hearing ‘this is the new normal’ but truthfully it’s not. in fact it’s as far from normal as I can possibly imagine. what it actually is …I really don’t know.

but apparently what the new normal means is ……

1. okay the market is stocked relatively well- there are adequate supplies of toilet tissue and meat- no disinfecting wipes but whaddaya what –everything?

It’s almost a dream come true- albeit a sucky dream.

2. nail salons have reopened – but I’m really in no hurry to be in one. I don’t have six feet long arms so if the tech is manicuring me she is too close. too close.

3. I’ve returned to my workplace and am participating in the daily office routines.

Not having been there in over three months- initially I was greeted with a hysterical ‘thank god you’re back’ while stacks of reports and corresponding data were shoved in my direction. Hey I don’t blame my co-workers for ‘enthusiastically’ welcoming me back – our department generally consists of 8 people but since covid came for a visit it’s been reduced to 2 voluntary brave soldiers holding the fort down for 13 1/2 weeks. Not that the workload lightened up – it’s been consistently busy all along. I however was unprepared for the complete and chaotic messy condition of our office- there are piles upon piles of papers- boxes- and garbage everywhere. I wondered how the 2 managed to get anything done properly. After being on premises for less than 10 minutes I got it. They didn’t. Everything is now on a wing and a prayer. They too told me- this is the new normal. Unfortunately I’m the sort of person who absolutely cannot function in the eye of a swirling vortex I need something that resembles order.

So on my 3rd day back in wonderland- that being just yesterday- after unraveling the metaphoric tangled christmas lights ( I don’t work in the christmas light tree store y’know..just in case that required further explanation) with some degree of success I felt satisfied enough to move unto other tasks.

1st on the agenda…clear away some of the piles of crap that made their home on every desk- occupied or otherwise- in our small home away from home.

except there was a problem…see I have this thing about me- a one thing leading to another entirely unrelated thing.

I just can’t start something without it turning into a bunch of other somethings and in the end I have 152 somethings all started and all unfinished.

it goes exactly like this:

funny huh? yea I’d think so too except sadly it epitomizes me precisely. It’s a real problem- in fact it is the reason I currently have several undone wordpress ramblings in my drafts and why it takes me so long to get one of them written to completion.

this time I am bent on getting it finished in one sitting so I will not deter..I will not deter… I will not de—-…hey look a squirrel.- that freakin fluffy tailed rat…and it’s eating some blackberries that fell onto the pool deck. I like berries in my salad..especially with nuts and other salady stuff -oooohhh that reminds me I have to get some tomatoes for tomorrow’s Sunday sauce …be right back (maybe) …off to the market

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