The Politik of Fiendship

yes fiendship- that was no typo.

over the course of the last year my social media feed has amplified the ‘if you support this (political figure) or that (political figure) unfriend me. we are not friends.’

please note when it comes to these kinds of threats…uh…. I mean promises- I am not referring to any one particular party affiliation- all sides are guilty of this kind of virtual bullying.

oh and also you antagonziers should know not agreeing politically does not mean I have low or no morals – it does not make me ignorant anymore than your ‘integrity superpower’ makes you brilliant. ya dig?

so. hmmmmm political differences?

truthfully that is not the reason we arent friends.

as far as I’m concerned having a different perspective should not an enemy make. in fact I welcome hearing all sorts of opinions on all sorts of topics. I’m interested in knowing why a person feels the way they do and would like to believe others are equally interested in my thoughts on a particular subject…call me crazy.

when it comes to friendships I’m pretty yielding… I’ll listen to you and ask questions and try my best to understand you. and if you inadvertently hurt my feelings I’ll let that go. it wasn’t on purpose. in fact I’ll forgive a lot.

probably the one friendship deal breaker is if someone deliberately and maliciously aims to do harm to me or my loved ones then yea 1 2 3 4… I declare a war and irrevocably we are not friends. so if you plan to or have done this – then yes sure – go for it…I implore you – unfriend me

likewise those who offer an invitation to separate because we aren’t 100% in sync politically…thank you.

I don’t want to be be friends with anyone that narrow. I don’t want to be friends with anyone who treats me like I’m a monster because I don’t feel the same exact way as they do. I don’t want to be friends with anyone who tries to strong arm me. I don’t want to be friends with anyone who puts demands on the friendship. I don’t want to be friends with anyone who tries to embarrass me because I refuse to be a sheep agreeing with every ugly thing he or she expresses while they obsessively post on their social media about how wonderful or horrible a particular politician is. if one’s favorite pastime is to ridicule an opposing view and I refrain from participating -apparently I’m a fiend. (?!?!?!???!!!) so be it- I can live with that. it’s exhausting trying to stroke your delicate sensibilities while defending my own beliefs at the same time.

it’s really not that important to me that you believe what I believe- but you ‘friend’? you gotta have all the marbles to ensure you’re right…. I guess.

and squabbling over this kind of thing is too much work. you enjoy a power struggle. I don’t.


this is why we’re not friends.

love and kisses your best unfriend

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