thank·​ful |adjective

The story goes- sometime in the 1920’s american novelist Ernest Hemingway – while sitting at table with other equally famous writers -birthed the concept of sudden or flash fiction when he declared he could write a story consisting of six words only. And as legend further has it – his idea was worth $10.00 and so a bet was made. On a paper napkin Hemingway scrawled the words:

“For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

and victoriously- he collected on the wager.

what is that about? telling a story using only six words?!!

so this thanksgiving I challenged myself to write a six word thankfulness story. I did. I really did.

and this is what I came up:

My family and I are okay.

alright so maybe it’s not very eloquent and maybe it hasn’t the same depth as Mr Hemingway’s genius but I’m good with it.

I asked others what they are thankful for -reminding them also to use only six words.

a lot of what cropped up as responses were similar


and even wine.

yep wine is very important in trying episodes.


I ask myself ‘you sure?

I’m sure.

( I’m not an alcoholic- I swear. I just enjoy the occasional and tasty adult like potable)

upon reviewing those facets of others’ lives that rank up in the top ten I started to get to thinking… why? why only on special days does this mainly creep up to the forefront of our minds for most of us? what’s meaningful to us is always meaningful- true? so there’s no need to wait for exceptional days to kudize our treasures.

sure go ahead……post that adorable photo on national boyfriend’s day…girlfriend’s day… day… friend’s day

but also celebrate and take extra care to let those people in our lives who matter most know we love and appreciate them everyday

words are free….expressions of affection are free so yea….especially in these scary and unprecedented times it’s kinda important dontcha think? I mean not to be grim but unless you have a good reliable crystal ball no one really knows nothin about tomorrow right?

for today I’m thankful I can sit here smelling my freshly washed pine sol scented kitchen floor and write this and look out the window and see clouds pretending they look like flying monkeys when they really look like plates of super white mashed potatoes y’know?

today I’m thankful I can tell my family who yes- for today- is okay I love them and watch them hear me say it.

I’m thankful for contentment and health and love. right now I’m thankful for all of these.

this concludes my sappy 2020 year end rant. 2020 you were okay at first but now you suck. go away.

and to anyone reading…

peace bebés

xo semiatomic

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