mental notes

It’s said-

‘do what you love’.

sadly that’s not always possible because things get in the way.

things like life.

and responsibilities

and families.

and bills.


then life sometimes evolves into a series of needing to versus wanting to.

until the dreams you had slowly evaporate in a low simmer on the backburner.

but one day you remember

‘do what you love’

and you think ‘…but how?’

and you challenge yourself

and you find a way

maybe not the precise way you’d hoped -but you find it no less.

and so you do them.

and you prevail.

for me the result is in still captures….


for example

to exhibit my love affair with the moon and the sun.

I loved taking these photos


I am happy.

One thought on “mental notes

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  1. Before we incarnated, we were more optimistic.. but once in a dense physical body, things don’t always go according to plan, especially when we were made to forget who we are and why we are here. Earth – the school of great learning, I opine. ✌🏻😌✌🏻

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