tales of a happy new-ish year

Well…here it is what we’ve all been waiting for – a new year

yep- two days ago it became ‘next’ year. My wish for you- for us all- is that it’s a healthy and safer one and by extension a happy one. happier that anyone (over almost the past two years) dreamt possible.

an hour and a half ago this is what the monday after new year’s day looked like


an hour later like this


and as soon as an hour after that



…and yes it’s cold outside. so…pretty bleak huh?

I guess you could look at it this way…on the other more favorable hand it means we care… not everyone on these lines is sick- some just want to know they’re okay just coming off- for us Americans- a five-week-long party. We hung out and ate and drank and laughed and hugged and even kissed. Not the fake into the air kiss but actual lips on flesh kind of kissing.

now that that happened there’s bound to be some kind of thinking and overthinking…

was this a mistake? should I have air hugged and kissed? should I have stayed home under the safety of my lonely comforter with Netflix as my only houseguest?

well that’s water under the bridge

BUT now that’s a new year people want to go forward so they CAN do more of the same. people who vehemently chose not to vax are revisiting the possibility of getting jabbed because they heard from their neighbor’s best friend’s uncle that he had gotten a visit from Miss Rona for the second time and having been vaccinated and boosted was most likely why it was less scary than the first time and definitely a lot easier to get through. who knows? I mean maybe hearing stuff like this is the reason more are deciding to get vaccinated themselves or they may have an entirely different reason…like no one they know has grown tail yet but whatever…more people seem to be doing it. This is not a political post and I stand in no judgments of anyone regardless of their choices…it just kinda makes me feel a little better…a little more hopeful that this pandemic thing will eventually get more under control knowing it’s being considered ‘a real serious thing’ as opposed to hearing as little as a few months ago ‘it’s not so contagious and it’s not that bad…you feel like you have a cold for a few days…what’s the big deal?’ yes kids- I actually heard those words coming out of someone’s ignorant talking hole….because yea…it’s all about them– right? ahem…sorry I got a little emotional about that there…

aaaaaaaanyway….so y’know…it looks like even in the infancy stage of this new year things are looking up.

On a side note I personally had a really delightful bunch of holiday celebrations and I do not presently have any life-threatening illness so yay!!

I hope the same for you.


I hope a year from now we’ll all be doing a dance of a newer new normal which is really the former normal before this new normal we’re pretending is normal when it’s really the complete opposite thing happened…ya dig?

so for now HAPPY NEW YEAR

be well

be safe

be careful

be happy

xo semi

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