a very ranty rant

winter- ugh GO AWAY!!!!

but…it’s only just begun and I hear that for us American East Coast (aka the right coast) people we are in for it this year.

okay so….yes it’s very pretty when it falls and rests on the ground serenely unbroken. particularly an evening snowfall…like right on the fringe of dusk and nighttime. standing outside and watching it float to the ground in absolute silence is as near to a perfect moment as I have found.

and then sometimes…like this past Friday and all through the next day it continues…a little (!) wind blows it around and makes drifts higher than I am tall. So high that if I walked into one I’m certain I’d drown.

Still beautiful but the ugh becomes a double and then a triple ugh because we all know it’ll stay this nice for only a very short while. The plows will come with their exhaust and filthy tires turning it from a blinding white to a gross grey. The treads will make hideous crossways and downways and upways dizzying- ugly patterns.

And here’s the thing- after that is the time when human people have to go outside and try to walk in it. freezing. shoveling. ice melting. path clearing. car digging outing. all this kind of thing and then what looked so clean and clear is nothing more than a sopping wet aggravating mess.

It’s a weirdly foreign concept to me in knowing there are actual people who’ve never walked on the snow-covered ground. People who’ve never even seen snow except in pictures and know that those people wonder what it’s really like. No need to wonder anymore because I can tell them…. as I was shoveling the fluffy stuff today to clear the drive and slipped and fell it is not fun. it did not feel good and unless you’re happily snow tubing/ skiing or watching from indoors in front of a toasty fire it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

now it’s dirty and a menace trying to navigate around in. everyone who’s had this experience will say

‘Don’t go out unless you have to’

I agree.

Tonight I have to go out.

Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh,

ah well I’m almost thoroughly thawed out for the moment…it’s the little things huh?

thanks for your attention

I’m done with this rant..unless someone stupidly says Spring is right around the corner and starts me up all over again…..

xo semi

oh by the way…. there’s more snow expected later in the week … wheeeee!!

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