living it up

once upon a time i was a child.

and like some other children – had an excessively overactive imagination.

not that i think it was a bad thing. when your real-life aint golden a pretend one can be a very inviting alternative. often i’d envision myself in a different place- a different world…wouldn’t that be something? …yessiree.

i’d spend hours wondering how it would be to live in Jeannie’s bottle. and it seemed that would be absolutely divine.

eventually-i came to the conclusion that i very much wanted to live in there. who wouldn’t?

look at it….

sweet like candy

so plush…so comfy…so shiny and purple. that Jeannie was one lucky chickpea

i never once heard her complain about the comforts of home. true she didn’t love being in there and usually protested when Major Nelson ordered her to pop back inside but that’s a mischievous Jeannie for you. as for me? If i could have made that my home i’d have been in heaven.

in fact- like even right now on a chilly winter’s night- i’d be so content lounging on fuchsia velvet surrounded by nothing but luxury. and what says luxury better than this? c’mon it looks so…so…so …delightful.

like resting on a purple marshmallow cloud.

I’ve no clue what made me remember any of this but boy right now-as sleepytime is drawing near- I’m really selling myself on this. could it be an actual thing? if i think real hard on it right before i drift off tonight it could be…i mean… it could be that I find myself in the i dream of Jeannie dream life- right?

just one blink and i’m there…

and with all this

I send this wish

that tonight you too have the sweetest of dreams.

xo semi

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