Under Construction

well life is getting back to normal....a little. whatever normal is. I keep hearing 'this is the new normal' but truthfully it's not. in fact it's as far from normal as I can possibly imagine. what it actually is ...I really don't know. but apparently what the new normal means is ...... 1. okay the... Continue Reading →

a boy named sue- the reprise

okay I admit it, up until a week or so ago I haven't been here in like....ages. y'know how it is... there's always a bijillion things that need doing and only half a bajillion hours in which to do them.  the way I figure- that means not a hell of a lot of time to... Continue Reading →

lost in place

a wraparound inside your mind she's boring holes until you're blind all tangled up inside your hair daring you with a devil's stare leaves her lingering sweetart trace in everywhere- in every place never has too far to go a wing a prayer a wish a blow wont you ever not forget that's she's your... Continue Reading →


sometimes life comes in pieces... slices... segments without any manual or sketches it's an indecipherable do-it-yourself kit sometimes you wing it ...dissect it...gouge it til it's a bloody mess all over the newspaper covered kitchen table sometimes life is but a dream as you merrily roll with it engineered by chance enveloped in luxe enraptured... Continue Reading →

Drink responsibly

For every action there's a reaction. A familiar concept- yes?  Some of us are mindful of it- others tend to plunge full steam ahead regardless of the potential for consequence. I've noticed more and more frequently the most 'entertaining' source for acting out is on a social media playground...er.... platform. I mean holy crap those... Continue Reading →

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