when you were mine (for about 2 1/2 hours)

I keep a bunch of happy internal mementos stored in my brain-safely tucked away. They're for days when I'm feeling a sort of low... ....which is what brings me here today. right now there's everything and nothing that gets me down social injustices pandemics uncertainties of the country's future.... y'know stuff like that that's what... Continue Reading →

are we there yet?

Three things I remember most about my father are his wicked sense of humor- his difficulty to express his emotions -understandable- coming from generation where people didn't openly say how they feel. For him to expose his sensibilities was awkward and he'd characteristically disguise his discomfort with a joke. Lastly, he was wildly famous for... Continue Reading →

welcome to the vomit pit

a few days ago I was talking and reminiscing with a friend about the long lost good old days. yep we talked... ...well not talked talked -but instead did the kind of talking where your fingers speak a voice through the magic of technology. the conversation began typical to most: hi. hi- how are you?... Continue Reading →

thank·​ful |adjective

The story goes- sometime in the 1920's american novelist Ernest Hemingway - while sitting at table with other equally famous writers -birthed the concept of sudden or flash fiction when he declared he could write a story consisting of six words only. And as legend further has it - his idea was worth $10.00 and... Continue Reading →

The Politik of Fiendship

yes fiendship- that was no typo. over the course of the last year my social media feed has amplified the 'if you support this (political figure) or that (political figure) unfriend me. we are not friends.' please note when it comes to these kinds of threats...uh.... I mean promises- I am not referring to any... Continue Reading →

Under Construction

well life is getting back to normal....a little. whatever normal is. I keep hearing 'this is the new normal' but truthfully it's not. in fact it's as far from normal as I can possibly imagine. what it actually is ...I really don't know. but apparently what the new normal means is ...... 1. okay the... Continue Reading →

a boy named sue- the reprise

okay I admit it, up until a week or so ago I haven't been here in like....ages. y'know how it is... there's always a bijillion things that need doing and only half a bajillion hours in which to do them.  the way I figure- that means not a hell of a lot of time to... Continue Reading →

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