Drink responsibly

For every action there's a reaction. A familiar concept- yes?  Some of us are mindful of it- others tend to plunge full steam ahead regardless of the potential for consequence. I've noticed more and more frequently the most 'entertaining' source for acting out is on a social media playground...er.... platform. I mean holy crap those... Continue Reading →

pioneer women

Maybe it's because we are a soap box nation or maybe it's because I'm one of those bleeding heart liberal people that likes to piss other people off with their 'annoying opinions' or maybe it's because I've had it up to here or maybe it's because this may make a teeny tiny difference or maybe... Continue Reading →

Blowtorching for dummies

Okay so HOW many instructional YouTube videos make it too many? I mean I just wanted to know one thing.... how to create those swirling twirling gloriously bouncy curls on some semi straight haired teengirl using a Chi flatiron. Along the way- on my quest for the perfect unnatural curl- I have been force fed... Continue Reading →

greetings from desolation ny……

' I'd kill for a gallon of gas right now' uh huh and that's the short story. sandy came and took away...everything. homes torn apart. lives stolen. some of us were the lucky ones. we are living without electricity. we are taking ice cold showers. we are hosting neighborhood driveway barbecues. cooking all the meats... Continue Reading →

doing the misogynist hop.

if there were a soundtrack playing in the background here it would be the cramps' all women are bad. you'll have to check it out on the youtube- what's that you say? you won't? well suit yourself but it's a pretty great and fun song so who are you hurting by not listening? me?  uh....nope okay....... Continue Reading →

the F word

Without an f it's nothing. It's uck. As in ucky... with a scrunched up nose when something smells bad under the kitchen sink. You lean in- hoping it's just an old mouldy sponge -or something.  Then....  right before you half squint/half open your eyes you bargain with some invisible source  'please let it be the or... Continue Reading →

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