an open letter to the residents of schitt’s creek

Hello, how are you ?

Okay formalities done-I have a few things to say to you.

but before I do I’d like to preface by saying I am by no means a huge television watcher- movies yes but network series no- not really- at least not with any regularity.

so when I commit to watching something it can only be one series at a time – either from start to finish or as long as my attention holds out – I’m not one of those who can follow the plot and characters of several shows at once – my microbrain cannot handle that kind of overload

and yes- whatever I watch has to be entertaining which means no mindless/bullshitty/frothy show for me.

most of the time whatever I’m hooked on comes from someone else’s recommendation therefore before tuning in I always consider the source.

my buttercup chickie and I Netflix binged some of HIMYM but I finished that solo because for her it was a third trip to visit the series and I didn’t want any spoilers interfering with discovering exactly how ted met ‘kids’ mother.

it definitely had some ‘suitably’ wonder-fun moments like this:

then my best friend/husband got me caught up in the outrageous swirling vortex of Shameless…. admittedly I stopped watching after Fiona’s departure but I still adore Frank Gallagher’s smelly disgusting psychopathic grossness…I just kinda stopped caring about it because the southside family became just a smidge too normal to be interesting.

and then…. a while back I stumbled onto Dead to Me all by myself and straight after that Why Women Kill…both adorably crazy

and then…. there was nothing that I wanted to spend my time on…I tried a little of this and a little of that but none of this/that was my thing.

and then…I remembered months ago my sister suggested Schitt’s Creek telling me how hilarious it is. I watched the first episode and thought


I abandoned it and almost forgot about it and television altogether.

A few weeks ago that same buttercup o’mine called me into her room to watch a segment of Schitt’s Creek where the characters were performing a production of the musical Cabaret. (yea we’re both musical theater addicts) First she showed me the show-stopping portion but then I told her to start it over from the beginning. We watched episode 14 season 5 ‘Life is a Cabaret’ that the incomparable and luminous Daniel Levy wrote and co-directed and holy @#%^#@%@# was that amazing !!! I laughed. I cried. I everythinged.

so of course I had to give it another try. from the beginning.

what the hell was I thinking with the meh thing?

Creators Levy and his father Eugene are absolute geniuses. It’s certainly no wonder they swept just about every prestigious industry award with their little darlin’ because Schitt’s Creek is a precious gem…there I said it. every episode is aflame with fierce wit – hilarious dialogue- spot-on precise well balanced-unique characterizations and also is wildly funny in a completely sui generis way. That friends- is the glory and magic of the groundbreaking Schitt’s Creek

I won’t go into the premise of the show – you have to watch it for yourself- if you’ve not already done so- I repeat you have to!!!

theexaggeratedobnxiousaffectedpretentioushysterical Rose family and everyone they interact with in their little schitty town is brilliant and marvelous -each and every one of them brings their own special treat to this ensemble show and I am LOVING it.

so far there are a host of favorite episodes: season 3 ‘Grad Night’ ‘Moira’s Nudes’ in season 2 and’ The Dress’ in season 5 are some that stand out for me but truthfully I’d be hard-pressed to make a top 10 list because each one is purely remarkable.

so now that I’m writing this suddenly I realize I want to stop watching…

now? NOW??!!!

… in the middle of the 6th and final season

yes I really and truly do- because I don’t want it to end.

I mean logically I appreciate that it ended. I appreciate that its production team didn’t want to run it to the ground- creating season after season until it jumped over a thousand sharks (though right now I’m finding it difficult to believe that might have happened. Still sadly- if something goes on for too long it’s inevitable)


if I stop now it will never be over


I can’t. I want to but I can’t- I have to see how this all ends. yep I will stay at the Rosebud until the very last moment…the last ‘caw’ the last ‘ugh, DaVID’ the last call into the adjacent room ‘kids?’ and the last ‘m’kay’

Typically I wouldn’t be blogging about a television show and believe me it isn’t that I’m bored or out of ideas ( I have 9 started- yet unfinished- drafts waiting for me with all sorts of ‘ranty’ topics) but Schitt’s Creek deserves all the accolades and attention it can get in my insignificant opinion -because it is not simply a ‘television show’ featuring a bunch of largely unknown/gifted Canadian actors but like any especially evocative performance experience it teaches its audience- in this case it teaches things like the importance of being accepting and empathetic to name a few.

and as someone who’s not a big fan of television I’m happy to have discovered the Rosebud Motel in the middle of pretty much nowhere (by the way I’ve hear room 4 is hugely popular)

so that’s it.

but before I go

plain and simple

though you’ll be missed- thank you:

Bob Currie/John Hemphill

Ronnie Lee/Karen Robinson

Mutt Schitt/Tim Rozon

Jocelyn Schitt/ Jennifer Robertson

Ted Mullens/Dustin Milligan

Patrick Brewer/Noah Reid

Stevie Budd/Emily Hampshire

Twyla Sands/ Sarah Levy

Roland Schitt/Chris Elliot

Moira Rose/Catherine O’Hara

Alexis Rose/ Annie Murphy

David Rose/Daniel Levy

Johnny Rose/Eugene Levy

thank all you bebés for sharing your sparkle. thank you a lot.

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